Plenty Vapozier

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In favor of flavor.
Powerful heating, efficient cooling and an extra wide Filling Chamber combined in one single handheld device: the PLENTY. The result is plenty of vapor with first class flavor.

Extra wide. Extra vapor. With a capacity of 3.4 cm³, the Filling Chamber provides an optimal surface for strong vapor draws and an extraordinary vaporizing experience, while the stainless steel helix Cooling Coil ensures an extra smooth airflow with almost no draw resistance.

Safe and reliable. Purely electromechanical. A prominent thermometer shows the current vaporizing temperature, while the bimetallic regulator inside ensures safe operation with independent temperature control and automatic shutoff.

1 pc. Plenty Hot Air Generator
1 pc. Vaporization Unit (composed of mouthpiece, cooling coil and filling chamber)
3 pc. Normal Screens
1 pc. Cleaning Brush
1 pc. Liquid Pad
1 pc. Instructions For Use